About little argas

Flight Centre brought discounted airfares to the Australian market over 30 years ago, and since then we have continued to be quite entrepreneurial as a company. The launch of our travel startup investment arm is part of an exciting plan for our future.

Our goal is to work with our partners to nurture new business ideas and fast track travel start-up companies incorporating areas of our DNA. We want to be the destination of choice for a wide range of travel and technology start-ups.

Through business partnerships, sponsorship, investment and mentoring, we are investing in the future of our business. We are excited about the prospect of working with business founders to create the next wave of business success stories.

Thank you for visiting Little Argas. Here you can find out more about our approach, our key areas of focus, and investment criteria. If you would like to register your business details with us please email Christopher.steiner@flightcentre.com.au

our Destination

The Flight Centre Travel Group has established Little Argas to solve some of the tough problems facing the travel industry. We are looking to connect with start-ups and accelerate creative ideas and ingenuity and bring value to the travelling community.

We are looking to partner with and invest in game changing ideas and travel technology that can revolutionise our industry. Working with our early stage partners and investors we are looking to work with and support Australian start ups that have proven their opportunity.

Groups we work with


Using our scale and expertise to accelerate startups

  • Work with people (Individuals or groups) who have a working product in need of acceleration.
  • Work with businesses who require investment from platforms (expertise) provided by FCTG in order to accelerate.

Solving travel problems

  • Identify some of the complex and tough travel problems across the value chain.
  • Bring together entrepreneurial minds to find creative solutions and create new revenue streams.

Revenue generation through capital injection

  • Work with people who have an established working product that may or may not be in travel but related to one of our focus sectors.
  • Invest in innovations that result in deep engagement with customers and deliver significant financial impact.

What We Value in a Startup

We invest in post-launch tech, with investment size ranging from $50k up to $500k, with potential for follow-on investment. We usually invest alongside other investors and we can either lead, or follow other leading investors.

More specifically, we are looking to invest in companies where we can add significant value around our core sectors of expertise. We are particularly interested in creative ideas where the opportunity falls into one of the following:

Travel Retailing

Travel Experience

Corporate Travel

Youth & Student

Non-Travel (i.e. Health & Financial Planning)

We are looking to engage with founders who have the smarts and resilience to remain in the business to make it a success and have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the target market.

Sorry, we can’t meet in person with every start-up. The application form is your best way to engage with us.

If you feel there might be a fit after checking our investment criteria and consider it matches one of our core areas of interest please complete the application under “Tell us”. You may also include a 2 minute pitch video or slide deck and we’ll get in touch. We do not invest in concepts and business plans but would be pleased to introduce you to one of our partners who may work with you to prove your concept and get you started.

Our assessments take anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to realise. We work with our partners to screen all submissions, assess the business potential, fit with our core areas and our potential investment options.

We have four ways we support companies — via a direct investment, a business partnership, through mentoring of businesses or via a sponsorship arrangement.

Sorry, we don’t sign NDA’s. As you can imagine we see a lot of opportunities. If we signed NDA’s we would probably be unable to look at your business as there’s a chance we might have come across something similar.

We look for companies whose business aligns with one of our 5 core areas of focus. Ideally you would have two or three founders. We look for evidence that your idea has a problem people want solved and your product is appealing to users.

We do not have a standard deal for start-ups. We’ll invest up to 50k for 7.5% of the company’s equity, up to $300k in businesses in the growth stage and up to $2m in companies in the Scale-up stage. We may deviate from these guidelines in some cases.

Sorry, we can’t pursue all ideas and have to make a call. We realise from time to time we’ll get it wrong, unfortunately what we do is not an exact science.

You have proven your idea and your product has been refined. You are now looking for the next wave of growth.

Your business is growing in terms of customers and revenues and what you now need is access to large networks.

Our Team

Chris Steiner

Chris commenced working with Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) in 2001 as a software developer designing & implementing booking systems for travel consultants. He then led software development teams looking after FCTG core online booking engine. Over the past 2 years, Chris has worked as FCTG Chief Information Officer for the Asian markets responsible for leading the IT area across technical product, solution delivery & IT operations enabling the business for greater growth and opportunities.

Chris’ focus in the Business Accelerator is in ensuring that start-ups illustrate the special characteristics for growth can scale quickly and maintain a ‘human focus’ around their product development.

Atle Skalleberg

Atle Skalleberg was appointed Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) in July 2016, shortly after FCTG’s acquisition of StudentUniverse in December 2015. In this role, Atle plays a central role in setting the strategy and improving the group’s digital commerce capabilities – including its online presence, user experiences and booking services – to help Flight Centre become the global leader in blending offline and online travel services. Prior to his appointment to CDO, Atle served as CEO of StudentUniverse for more than four years and had been with StudentUniverse for more than a decade. His prior roles were leading the business development and marketing teams at StudentUniverse. Atle received his undergraduate degree from The Norwegian School of Management – B.I. and his graduate degree from Boston University.